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Memorials of the Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation

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Memorials of the Edelman - Gardner

Cancer Reserch Foundation

Thank you for

"Keeping the Light Burning" 

2019 was definitely a tough year. We have all lost some good friends and supporters of the Foundation. The "C" word seems to come up more often and is latching on to our friends and family. 

2019 has challenged us with the passing of our Founder and President. But make no mistake, we WILL continue our fight.

We will continue to fight this beast! In their honor, we will do whatever we can to make sure their journey is not forgotten nor will our commitment lessen.

We will continue to fight in their memory.

To our friends, new and old, we haven't gotten this far on our own.

We still need you! Help us remain strong and when we think we aren't doing enough, remind us, small steps forward will still make a difference. 

Fundraisers in mind?????

Do you know anyone that wants to raise money for cancer??? We are always looking for ideas to raise money for research.

Anything you want to see in the website????? Let me know by sending me a note.