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2020 and 2021 Small Business Recognition

Small Business has been a critical part of our community through the years. The Foundation has instituted an annual award to recognize the businesses that are supporting our journey and giving back to our community. 

Because of the Pause everyone took in 2020 we are awarding 2 businesses this year.

Sheer Emotion's "We Love Moms"Cindy Lutwiller has been a long supporter of the Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation. Every October Cindy and her team plays a special reminder of how much we love moms. She dedicates her month of October and with a much anticipated event called "Cupcakes for Cancer".  This year Cindy presented us a check for $2,000. She is a prime example of our Edelman - Gardner Slogan "It starts with one"

Please stop into Sheer Emotion and support a local business that is truly working for you!

1026 Hilton Parma Corners Road  Hilton, NY

 The Arlington Restaurant has been a pivotal part to our fundraising efforts. When Cheryl and George sold the business 15 years ago, the support from the Arlington didn't change. They are there for us and continue to support us in many ways.

Please stop in to the Arlington Restaurant and support a local business that is also working for you.

                                                    4 Main Street Hilton, NY

Our local businesses need us now more than every. Let's be there for them now and return the support.

Recognition Certificates were presented. If you see the certificate hanging in either businesses, please take a minute to tell them "Thank You". 


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Sheer Emotion's Bingo Event

We love Moms

Hard at work

Bingo Fundraiser

Angels on the Water 2021

Angels on the Water

Thank you so much to all of our supporters and the very special angels that took about a 25 mile ride to raise money for cancer. Some had a rough start with batteries and of course my normal rookie issues of tipping the jetski and fall into the ice cold water. Yes, it was a site to see. (My JetSki was in the shop). Thanks Mike for letting me use yours, . Not me falling but me getting back up on a jetski that didn't have a step. Yikes 

Special Thanks to Gwen, Susie, Michelle, Drew and Mary for taking this ride and raising $1,040 for Cancer Research.

Angels on the Water

Raised $1,040 for Wilmot Warrior Walk