Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation


Finally we are heading toward some sense of normal. 

We are having the 41st Annual Ladies Golf and Fun Day. 

We are making some changes this year. Given the turmoil we have been in the last year, we are not going to solicit donations from our local business owners. We are going to stick to our 50/50's and our door prizes handed in by our teams. We are changing the Venue and the day of the week. This year it is Sunday, 7/25 at Pinewood. 

 Registration will be sent out within the next day or so.

We are only allowed 72 golfers so you will need to get your registration in early.

For more details contact Cheryl Edelman at                                                                    585-489-5610

                           It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edelman - Gardner CRF Recipes from the heart. Recipes from the Heart is a collection of 104 recipes in 8 different categories. Recipes and memories were submitted by more than 30 of our friends and family. This can be yours for a $15 donation. You can email Khermanc@rochester.rr.com or Hforeman49@yahoo.com.  A list of people that will have the books will be submitted soon.

Email us and put your order in and we will get them to you.

Edelman - Gardner Our Logo -

Courtney found a very talented Graphic Artist that helped design a new logo for the foundation. Thanks to Alyssa for her time and talent.

Thoughts behind the logo design. 

It took many hands coming together to make a difference. It started with the commitment of one and has grown to the support of many.

This logo was designed by Alyssa Ciliberto. Please support her talent and visit her@          Wharehouse/Facebook.com and my Instagram page is under @wharehouse.ac

Summer is coming!!!!!!

Look for details coming on the 

Edelman - Gardner 

Community Garage Sale 

             5/21- 5/22.

Are you Spring cleaning and want to donate. It could become someone else's treasure. Please contact 

Cheryl Edelman - 489-5610

Cindy Newman -  750-8130