Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation

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2019 Wilmot Inspiration Award Recipient

Below is an article that is in the "Dialogue Magazine published by Wilmot Cancer Institute. discussing the Inspiration Award the Foundation was honored with

Thank you for all that you have helped us do through the years. Your support has been invaluable.

Discovery Ball recognizes Edelman Gardner Research Foundation with Inspiration Award Earlier this month.

Wilmot Cancer Institute held its 20th Annual Discovery Ball, raising more than $818,000 for fundamental cancer research happening in the Hallmarks of Cancer research program at Wilmot.

The event also honored the                   Edelman Gardner Research Foundation with the Inspiration Award.   


The Inspiration Award, given annually, aims to recognize an individual or group in the community whose story helps illustrate the importance of cancer research. This year, Karen Hermance gave remarks on behalf of the Edelman Gardner Research Foundation, the Inspiration Award recipient this year. In 1984, after losing his wife and a good friend to cancer years before, George Edelman Jr. decided he wanted to raise $1 million for cancer research, and in the following decades, the organization did. Over the years, the Foundation has funded equipment and projects in Wilmot’s Hallmarks of Cancer research program, which focuses on foundational research, and projects to study treatments for colon, ovarian and breast cancer, among others. “It all began with one person wanting to make a difference and has grown from one to the commitment of many,” said Karen Hermance, who now leads the organization. Edelman died last month, but before he died, he encouraged the group to continue their important efforts around cancer research. After Hermance’s remarks, the audience turned to a video featuring Wilmot researchers and patients discussing the importance of foundational cancer research. See the video here. “In so many ways, it was a successful evening, and we’re so thankful to all who helped make it possible,” said Jonathan Friedberg, M.D., M.M.Sc., director of Wilmot Cancer Institute. “As we continue to work toward growing our research strengths and applying for NCI designation, community support like this is increasingly important. We’re so fortunate to have groups like the Edelman Gardner Cancer Research Foundation and others in the community who are willing to support this important work.”

Published on May 23, 2019

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Last night we honored a very special group, the Hilton Fire Department with a Recognition and Appreciation Certificate for their many years of support. There isn’t any door to door fund raising campaigns as there were “back in the day”. They depend on donations and the Hilton Carnival to raise that money. For many years, they put a Tip Jar in the beer tent for the Edelman-Gardner Cancer Research Foundation.  During a time when they were raising money for them, they also supported us. This speaks volumes about the Hilton Community!

We were honored to be with them last night. We pledged our allegiance, not only to our flag but to our commitment with The Wilmot Cancer Institute in the name those who passed and to support new research projects for those fighting today. Most importantly to Thank them for what they have done to support the foundation and what they continue to do to support the Community.

When you see a member of the HFD, take a minute and say Thanks to the men and woman who are always there for all of us!!