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 A very special thank you to all of the participants for the Ladies Golf. You ladies are a very special supporter of this foundation. Most of you have participated in more than 20 of 40 years this event has been in place. We are blessed to have you and so are the people that benefit from your generosity. We raised $4,439. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A very special Thank you to the committee. This would not still going if not for you! 

$4,450  this year for Cancer Research

Our first annual Garage Sale raised $1800  - So many of you donated items for the sale. So appreciated. It is always good to share the Foundation history and hear your personal stories.  You are all such an important part of our success. 


 "" I‚Äčt started with the commitment of one to the support of many"

Summer is  here. Be Safe!!!

"It starts with one"

Thank you to all of you that have taken this journey with 

Because of you people have hope

Because of you people are living longer

Because of you we will keep fighting in honor of those that have passed and for those still fighting today.

                    Thank you!!!